Skycaddie Software Update (Beta)

skycaddie software update
SkyGolf the makers of Skycaddie Rangefinders have just released an update to their software in beta format.
The next time you sync your Skycaddie to your PC or Mac it will automatically upgrade the software on the device to include these beta updates.

I synced my SkyCaddie SG5 last night and there didn’t seem to be an option not to download and install the update. So it seems that I am stuck with it.

After the update the unit done a quick reboot and I was back into the CaddieSync control panel. I selected the “Courses” tab and was presented with my Favourites screen and some new Course Features had been added to the course list.
On further inspection the icons revealed (you have to click on them) an overview of what the new Course Features are all about.

The new Course Features shown were:

TrueGround™ Professionally-Mapped Courses
TrueGround™ just seems to be the new Trademark name that SkyGolf have adopted for their method of mapping the courses. So nothing new there then.

SkyCaddie QuickVue™ powered by TrueGround™ Mapping
Now here is where it gets interesting as this is definitely a new feature.
Here is what it said:

SkyCaddie’s exclusive QuickVue™ provides a virtual preview of the safest path from the tee to green. At a single glance, golfers know the exact green shape with IntelliGreen®, the total distance from tee to the green, the shape of the golf hole, the distance and direction to the perfect fairway position and the distance remaining from that position for the approach shot to the green.
All information is derived from SkyCaddie’s exclusive TrueGround™ mapping technology to provide golfer’s with the highest reliability in the industry. QuickVue is available immediately on over 24,000 courses worldwide on SkyCaddie® devices supporting this powerful new feature.

I had a quick look on SG5 in demo mode to see what the QuickVue was all about and it appears to be some extra info regarding layups and safe landing areas. I thought that option was already available before the update.
One thing that did stand out was an updated graphic of the hole that showed the shape of the fairway, which may or may not have some use.

Not much of an update then.

But there is something called HoleVue™ that has been included in the Beta release that needed some further investigation.
A quick hop over to the Support section of CaddiSync revealed a snippet about this latest feature:

SkyCaddie’s HoleVue™ (Beta) displays a graphical image of a hole using SkyGolf’s reliable TrueGround™ mapping process. HoleVue availability is extremely limited during the Beta testing period. Upon a successful Beta test, this feature will be gradually included on more courses.

The problem is that this feature is only available on a couple of courses and they both in the States. So not much use to us yet in the UK.

Another Beta feature that is being touted by Skygolf is IntelliGreen® Pro.

A trip to the support section of CaddieSync reveals:

IntelliGreen® Pro (Beta) is a dynamically-enhanced version of IntelliGreen® that adds the ability to display major tiers, contours, false fronts and mounds from your angle of approach to the green. With IntelliGreen Pro, you’ll always know what’s ahead, no matter where you are on the hole… even if you can’t see the green!

Here again this feature is in its infancy as to how many courses currently support this feature.

Another concern is how close to the wind Skycaddie are sailing with regards to a rule infringement. Measuring devices are not allowed to display slope information.
I feel my Rules Head coming on. Full update to follow on this scenario.

Anyway I will be off this afternoon to my home track to see what this QuickVue is all about and will report back in a post ASAP.