Skycaddie GPS Golf Rangefinder

There are three main models of Skycaddie GPS devices, the SG2.5, SG5 and the latest release in the UK the SGX.
The Skycaddie SG2.5 is the entry-level model and includes most of the features of its larger sibling, set in a lightweight handheld unit.
It has a monochrome LCD screen, a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and can be easily operated with a single hand. Its onboard memory can store the details of up to ten courses, which should be enough to include your local courses, or those on your golfing holiday.

The Skycaddie SG5 is now being phased out and has been replaced by the new Skycaddie SGX.
The SGX has more advanced features and includes an outdoor-readable colour display and can store ip to 30,000 preloaded courses.

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Play golf the like the Pros

Although we may not always recognise it, it is a fact that professional golf is a game played by teams of two, the golfer and the caddie. Caddies do more than just carry the golfing bag, they provide the players with vital information on distances to the hole and hazards, reading the slope of the greens and estimating the strength of the wind.

Considering the professionals play the game in a team of two, it is somewhat surprising that the vast majority of amateurs attempt to play golf without assistance, immediately taking on both the job of the player and the caddie and putting themselves at a great disadvantage.

The reason for amateur golfers taking on both jobs, is not because they think they are brilliant enough to play without help, but that they cannot afford (or find) a caddie to accompany them on every round of golf. Amateur golfers can now level out the playing field by using a Skycaddie GPS golf Rangefinder, which were approved in 2008 for use by the R&A (subject to local rules).

Skycaddie – The best choice for Golfers

Having one of the series of Skycaddie GPS Rangefinders is just like having a real caddie,except you still have to carry your own clubs. The small electronic device will tell you how far it is to the pin, the green and any hazards on the course, making club selection much easier for the player.

As well as yardages the Skycaddie Rangefinders come with IntelliGreen® technology, which enables the golfer to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach. The Skycaddie Rangefinders are able to do all this so accurately because Skycaddie has previously sent professionals to walk the golf courses and map the distances to every possible target that may come into play using high-precision, survey-grade equipment.
Visit SkyGolf to check if your local courses have been professionally mapped.

To receive the data on all the courses you need to pay a membership fee to Skycaddie. There are three levels of membership based on geographical regions: UK, Europe and Africa, or Worldwide.
The larger the area of coverage you require the more expensive the membership. However, none of the fees are extortionate and will only be a tiny fraction of your other annual golf-related expenditure.

The purchase of a Skycaddie GPS Rangefinder is likely to be money well pent for any amateur golfer, not only will it improve your game because you’ll have more accurate yardages, but it will help you learn the game more quickly as you will immediately be able to know how far you hit your driver, 5-iron, pitching wedge, or any other shot.